Tramadol is one of the most popular types of pain relievers, especially in cases when the pain that the individuals deal with are moderate to severe in nature. This could be attributed to the fact that indeed, it is fast-acting and helps you get cured in no-time. This is the reason as to why some people may want to purchase tramadol without prescription. Despite being popular, however, the process of doing so is practically impossible, and could come across as a risky thing to do. To further explain why, below are the dangers associated with purchasing Tramadol without any prescription.

Drug Overdoses

One of the greatest dangers associated with getting a hold of the drug without any prescription is that that the effects of drug overdose are really severe. As a matter of fact, even taking the drug at a regular dose is still prone to side effects. With that in consideration, how much more when you are taking more than the prescribed amount? Moreover, the dose and frequency of taking it is something that’s unique among individuals, and hence a doctor is really needed in order to properly assess how much you are going to need.

Chances of Getting Fake Drugs

Pharmacies, especially those bigger ones are strict when it comes to the release of this drug. Ideally, purchase transactions for this drug are only successful in pharmacies with a prescription. Smaller ones, and unfamiliar pharmacies have greater risk of selling and distributing fake versions of this particular drug.

These pharmacies would also want faster disposal of the drugs they have, and hence wouldn’t really mind if you come in to their store and order as much tramadol as you want without asking for a prescription from a licensed physician.