Grand Theft Auto, popularly known by its acronym GTA, has been one of the longest-running, iconic first-person arcade games to have ever been produced. Since its initial launch in 1997, it has went on to have 14 more iterations of the game, with the latest version of it being launched in 2013. Nowadays, GTA download could be done on various platforms, with certain earlier versions of the game being downloadable for free, albeit illegally. One of the reasons behind its popularity would have to be the violent and mature content that this game is far from being bereft of. This has caused controversy, with Guinness World Records, both in 2008 and in 2009 Gamer’s edition declaring it the most controversial. Different versions have had their fair share of controversies, and here are just some of the highlights.

Early Years

                The first version of the game itself was met with criticism for its extremely violent nature, with Brazil even banning the said game. Other countries took less drastic measures, with them simply condemning the game. These countries were Germany, Britain, and France. This controversy and condemnation did not do anything to decrease sales, with tabloid stories helping the game to be sold even more.

3D Evolution

                Suffice to say, GTA has indeed kept up with the times, with GTA-III having three-dimensional graphics. This made the violence more appalling to critics. The focus on illegal activities have also caused criticism to arise, with the main character committing crimes which are large-scale while serving only petty sentences.

Hot Coffee

                The San Andreas version of the game came under fire with the introduction of a minigame which was sexual in nature. The game, dubbed as “Hot Coffee”, which resulted to a class action lawsuit that eventually lead to the re-release of the game with a stronger M rating.