Sweeping and mopping is the two major tasks which are necessary to maintain clean surroundings whether it is household, large office buildings, commercial complexes or large or small industries. The Robot vacuum has been in the market now for over two decades and has proven to be effective in saving time. The machine which is capable of picking dirt and debris as well as trap allergens, dirt mites and pet dander, if they are equipped with HEPA filters is the vacuum cleaner robot.

What is Robot vacuum?

Robot vacuums are disc- shaped vacuum cleaners that are automated and are equipped with various sensors. With the help of these sensors they detect dirt, pet hair, and all sorts of debris on both hard surfaces and carpeted floors and they pick up these dirt and debris and save your time when you use an upright vacuum cleaner and mop.

How to choose the Robot vacuum?


Ensure that the Robot vacuum is equipped with dirt sensors. The Robot vacuum cleaners can run for about two hours once it is charged. A robot vacuum with a lower or shorter charge time would be the best buy. As far as performance is concerned, you also need to consider how effective the robot vacuum is, in navigating through thresholds and also if it is possible to schedule cleaning times in the robot you choose.


The robot vacuum needs to be cleaned regularly by emptying the bin in it and dusting the filter. Choose robot vacuums that are easy to clean. The Robot Vacuum with flexible brushes would push hair and other such debris to the ends of the brush. This can be removed easily.


Robot vacuums with a solid warranty are preferable over robot vacuums that are sold with fringe benefits. Instructional videos and a user manual could be of greater help. A robot vacuum manufacturer who provides access to the customer support team by phone, live chat or email could really be very valuable.