Website designing has come a long way from the day it was started. And the credit goes to the advancements that have been made in the technological and artistic aspects that traditional websites today are superseded by most interactive and classically designed websites. The website designing format has been improved in contrast to their counterparts and are not limited to simply images and text anymore.

Where to use Slideshows are looked upon as an intelligent way of distributing information by saving the most precious time of the visitors and focusing their attention. Recognized as a persuasive tool of communication, Slideshows can be used on various website pages.

Home Page

Inexorably, slideshows are used on the homepage of a web site design. It is deemed to be an ideal way to sneak-peek in to the website content without going through every website page. Herein, website owners can display information pertaining to their products or services.

Work Portfolio

Slideshows can be brought to an effective use by presenting to your potentials what you have done exclusively for your other clients. By smart presentation of your work, you can increase your credibility and drive more prospective customers to your business.

Image or Video Gallery

This is the most common area where website owners usually fit the slideshows. They either display the images of the events or conferences, shows they attended or conducted along with the videos they want to share with the visitors that is, interview from clients, celebrities or company director.

AJAX Vs Flash Slideshows

Furthermore, there is also access to Flash and AJAX slideshows that are used by designers extensively. With AJAX slideshows, you can customize the things as per your requirements and is light-weight. But slideshows in Flash(which requires a Flash Plug-in) are not widely used due to the reason that it is heavy.

Nonetheless, you can make it convenient for the visitors by adding thumbnails, button or numbers. It will enhance the navigational process and ensure a great user-experience.