One of the most popular characters in the world of manga and anime series would most definitely have to be Naruto. To attest to its popularity, the manga series itself has been breathed new life through an actual anime series which to this day, has been well-received by people. Apart from the series expansions and several means through this is aired, spin-off and sequels, which could either be movies and/or a special series altogether. If you have already tried to watch boruto, then this particular magazine is one of the examples for you. If you’re looking for reasons for you to begin watching, then here are some of the sound reasons as to why we should.

Watching Movies Fill Plot Holes

Plot holes simply are questions about scenes in a particular manga series which may pop up in your head. These questions usually pertain to the origins and histories of certain characters, as well as their whereabouts whenever a sudden disappearance of a character takes place.  This phenomena is quite common in a lot of films and fictional series, given that it is all a figment of one’s imagination. Sequels usually arise if the original and/or first part of the story is met with much popularity.

Movies, Overall are Entertaining

It is, without a doubt that movies, no matter what genre they may be, always have a sense of entertainment. Prequels, sequels, and spinoffs share that same sense of entertainment as with the original series, and this entertainment is what keeps people flocking to watch movies of whatever sort.

Movies of this nature boost Original Story’s Popularity

These sequels, prequels, and spinoffs do not aim to rob popularity away from the original series, but rather, aims to complement the original version, thereby making it more popular and well-received as the plot holes which may leave people dissatisfied are fulfilled through these movie/story types.