In every aspect, some people try to achieve or get things done the right way and the wrong way. So literally, we can mention White Hat SEO as the Hero and Black Hat SEO as the Villian!

White Hat SEO means SEO techniques that abide the guidelines of search engines and that are widely recommended. These are followed by almost all blogs. Doing these techniques wisely can boost your rankings.

Black Hat SEO, on the other hand, refers to techniques that are used by some to fool the search engines and try to rank themselves higher in search results than they deserve. If found, sites that follow will get penalized by Google too!

But, if you follow all un-necessary White Hat SEO Techniques or only say if your blog is over-SEO optimized, then Google may consider it as spam and can even end in deletion of your blog/site from Google Search.

SEO service in Singapore should be implemented on blogs to avoid these seo mistakes. Backlinks and social media plays a major role where many new webmasters indulge in spamming. Whilst they use both the strategies for back hat purposes.

Backlinks:  Even though backlinks are one of the prime criteria Google uses to rank blogs and web pages, Google does not accept every link that you get. It measures the quality of the links rather than the quantity. So instead of writing dozens of guest articles for PR 2 or above blogs, choose blogs that are well-ranked, reliable and reputed in your niche.

Social Media: Creating social media pages for your blog helps readers to get regularly updated with your blog. But moreover, Google sometimes consider social media for it’s ranking scheme. Be sure you have a Google Plus fan page and have the +1 feature embedded to your web page. The number of +1’s you get can undoubtedly influence your ranking. And also if the Google Author Rank comes to existence, then also social media profiles may help you.


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