One of the most familiar countries known to the western world among the ones in asia would most definitely have to be Thailand. This is widely known for its amazing natural scenery, such as its white sand beaches. Given that it is a predominantly Buddhist country, there also are several temples, both Ancient and Modern which are all extremely breathtaking. Apart from that, there also are several cities and modern amusements you could enjoy in. All of these sound great enough for you to want to know how to invest in Thailand. Before knowing the steps on how to, you ought to convince yourself first with the why’s, which are the following.


A great advantage associated with investing in this country would have to be its location. This is because Thailand is placed right in the heart of Asia. This allows for better trade opportunities with several neighboring countries due to its proximity. The countries where Thailand engages trade in include China, India, as well as the members of the ASEAN. Expats are given better opportunities to invest because of this.

Thai Government is accommodating

The greatest factor when it comes to investing in any country, as a foreigner would have to be the fact that the Thai Government is one which is accommodating in nature. While producing crops used to be the top source of income for the Thais, the government themselves welcome investors from other countries, with them having special policies for tax incentives as set by the Board of Investment.

AFTA Membership

In a bid to encourage foreign trade, the AFTA has been created by Thailand, as a means of developing free trade aong the ASEAN, with import duties being reduced to zero through this policy. Thailand, through this AFTA, or ASEAN free trade association allows free and fair trade for investors from outside their country.